Eugenio Lucas Velázquez (1817-1870)


Allegorical caprice. The Avarice. 1852

Description from Lázaro Galdiano Museum:
Next to a table, on which can be seen gold coins, pots and an open book, a rich personage, dressed in yellow habit and red bonnet, takes in the arms two big sacks, for sure money. On the table appears a devilish personage, with wings and black ears, habit and capirote, that holds a scythe, that indicates with accusing gesture to the avaricious monk. Sinister, wily and monstrous figures surround the table and fly over a black sky. Books and an earth globe are scattered on the floor, probably as a symbol of the disdain of wisdom for the greed of money, which seems to be the apparent meaning of allegory.


Francisco de Goya


El Aquelarre, 1797-1798