Bernat Martorell (1390-1452)


Martyrdom of Saint Eulalia, 1442-1445
Tempera and gold leaf on wood

Saint Eulalia (c.290-303), co-patron saint of Barcelona, was a 13-year-old Roman Christian who suffered martyrdom in Barcelona during the persecution of Christians during the reign of emperor Diocletian. The Romans subjected her to thirteen tortures, including cutting off her breasts, crucifixion, and decapitation.

Bernat Martorell (active 15th century) was the leading painter of Barcelona, and is considered to be the most important artist of the International Gothic style in Catalonia.

Cigoli (1559-1613)


The Stoning of St Stephen, 1597

Jacopo Ligozzi (1547-1627)


The Martyrdom of the Four Crowned Saints, end of 16th century

Lelio Orsi (1511-1587)


Martyrdom of St Catherine of Alexandria, circa 1565-75

Giovanni Bellini (active 1459-1516)


The Assassination of Saint Peter the Martyr, 1507

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The Martyrdom of St Margaret, 1616

Albrecht Dürer


Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand, 1508