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Please, Thieves

So. I noticed that two years ago I made an error regarding the year a painting was completed. There are numerous errors like this on my site, I am sure.

I had simply put the the year of the artist’s birth as identical to the painting’s completion. Since this is not a site you should ever turn to for fact-checking or (dear lord) as a primary source, nothing to get alarmed about.

Isn’t it interesting that almost every tumblr, blog I come across has this identical mistake?

Have some respect. Don’t steal the information I compile. You look worse than I do when I make an error.

By the way, this particular entry with the error, like 99% of my entries, has not been shared once.

(I am aware that this is due to a few people who refuse to reblog or fave. I know who they are. So, if you post “original” content, it should not simply be copied from another blog. Clear?)