Jorge Salort (b. 1959)


Cariátide y gárgola 2, 1998 (Caryatid and gargoyle)


6 responses to “Jorge Salort (b. 1959)

  1. Hi Anna, I’m here to ask you a little favor? If I ask real nice I’m hoping you might say yes? I know it’s not what you normal post about but you seem to have great taste in music when you comment on my blog. Anyway I’m nominating you to do Snuffle The Library tag, I guess you can tell me to bugger off but pretty please? Maybe if you don’t wanna do a post on your blog you could still do it and just leave a reply on my blog? Also I’m linking your blog in my post today which I hoping that’s fine by you, is it?
    Hoping you have a good day 🙂

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    • Hi! I’d love to do it, except I would be really uncomfortable tagging people. I could give you the list – I use Apple Music instead of Spotify, so I wouldn’t be able to link to songs myself.

      If you would be ok with me skipping the tagging part, I’d be glad to give you a list. I could post about the tag and include links to you, the list, and the tag creator.

      Does that make sense? Just let me know if bending the rules is a problem.

      I haven’t shuffled in ages… I promise to be honest, though.

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