Frank Kirchbach (1859-1912)


Illustration for 18th century ballad Lenore, written by G.A. Bürger. 1896


4 responses to “Frank Kirchbach (1859-1912)

  1. I started a fascinating book called “Plagues and Peoples” by William McNeill. It is all about the evolution of plagues (How they became so early to people based upon people’s upsetting of the original balance of ecosystems and their self-removal to cities.) Eerily, it was written right before the explosion of AIDS. It discusses at one point how death became so integrated in people’s lives that they were finally encouraged to express it through art and so on. Enjoying your blog.

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    • That sounds fascinating (and dark). It brought to mind Samantha Power’s “A Problem from Hell” about genocide in the 20th century. The Holocaust has had an enormous impact on art. Other genocides (or Stalin’s Famine, which is technically not even considered genocide) have not.

      Depressing thought: I wonder how many teenagers know who Pol Pot was.


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