Sunshine Blogger Award 2017

Well look at me, nominated for an award. Thank you paulydeathwish!

 I have 10 questions to answer, so here we go:

  • Which three countries are you planning to visit.

Definitely France. I visited Paris for a week, but my language skills were pathetic. Next time, I want to visit more than Paris and refrain from embarassing myself constantly. I would also love to visit Norway and… Turkey. Though I wish I’d made it to Turkey 15 years ago.

  • Dream job.

Dog trainer part time, writer part time. No, I have no idea how to train dogs. Or if I have the aptitude to learn.

Really, anything that doesn’t involve an office except a home office sounds like bliss. Office culture doesn’t agree with me.

  • Favourite food?

Thai yellow curry with chicken. I could bathe in it.

  • On vacation would you go to the beach or the mountains?

Mountains, no contest. Done the tropical beach thing and it’s lovely, until you find a funny looking mole. I’ve had enough serious sun exposure for a lifetime.

  • Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Of all time? Toshiro Mifune and Jeanne Moreau.

  • Favorite film?

I like these film questions. Repulsion. Followed by 99 close runners-up.

  • What could you do without on a deserted island?


  • Which actor or actress would you like to date?

Hmm… I’m fairly hetero, but Kate Winslet. I don’t really develop crushes on famous people. I do not envy their lifestyles.

  • Favorite drink while watching a movie?

Diet Coke. My greatest vice.

  • What kind of music do you listen to?

Hard question. I don’t have a specific genre that I favor unless going through a phase, but I’m also not a “I listen to everything!” person.

So, some faves: Sonic Youth, Gram Parsons, Hank Williams, Uncle Tupelo, Royal Trux, (and RTX and Black Bananas), Sleater-Kinney, Marvin Gaye, Funkadelic, Laura Cantrell.

I have a few ideas when it comes to blogs worth nominating. paulydeathwish is fab – check him out.

Hopefully by tomorrow. Thanks again!







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