Please, Thieves

So. I noticed that two years ago I made an error regarding the year a painting was completed. There are numerous errors like this on my site, I am sure.

I had simply put the the year of the artist’s birth as identical to the painting’s completion. Since this is not a site you should ever turn to for fact-checking or (dear lord) as a primary source, nothing to get alarmed about.

Isn’t it interesting that almost every tumblr, blog I come across has this identical mistake?

Have some respect. Don’t steal the information I compile. You look worse than I do when I make an error.

By the way, this particular entry with the error, like 99% of my entries, has not been shared once.

(I am aware that this is due to a few people who refuse to reblog or fave. I know who they are. So, if you post “original” content, it should not simply be copied from another blog. Clear?)




10 responses to “Please, Thieves

  1. Hmm… I had my art weblogs too. I ‘stole’ art works from internet. Don’t you, Anna?
    Initially I mailed artists for their consent. Hundred of them. Only a handful refused. But many didn’t even reply to my mail, or weeks later. So I stopped doing that.
    What’s an art lover to do? Go with a camera to museums and exhibitions all over the world? Why are some artists so driven to sue? From pictures of internet you can hardly print a full painting repro. Does Odd Nerdrum, filthy rich by now, sell less work because of people like me? Shouldn’t this artist be a little bit grateful that a blogger promotes his work? My experience is that many artist are. They thanked me. Artists who publish their work on Deviantart for instance, a platform for ‘amateurs and starters’; their products are often fabulous. They felt honored that I wanted to pay attention to them, I never met an objection.
    I had at least the decency to always insert INTO the illustrations the name of the creator, no one does that. You don’t either. It must be said that there are lots of artists who don’t take the trouble to sign their own work. That makes me angry, it’s both arrogant and stupid. The trouble I took and the time I spend, to discover the name of a painter. I always felt triumphant when I finally succeeded.
    So I don’t like to be called a thief, I never profited from my ‘thefts’. And copying incorrect info along? Embarrassing, yes, but who’s to blame?


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